Return to sport; The shoulder in sports medicine met Prof. Dr. Ann Cools en Frederik Johansson, FT, MSc



In the area of sports medicine, scientific knowledge as well as clinical practice, evolved remarkably the past few years. In particular the field of the shoulder, injury prevention, return to play after injury and high performance training gained interest in research as well as in the clinical setting.

The purpose of this advanced shoulder course is to provide theoretical insights, clinical reasoning processes and practical skills for the “sports shoulder”, bringing an update as well as an extension of the existing knowledge.

Course content

In particular the aims are twofold: first goal is to discuss and practice into detail models and programs for injury prevention, return to play and high performance training, applicable for a variety of overhead sports. Additionally, some specific sports are discussed, popular sports like tennis and swimming, but also sports like gymnastics and field hockey, that are often less thoroughly covered in literature. This 2-day advanced course is science based, but also offers multiple practical opportunities, with a large amount of exercises, based on video material or practical.

Course goals

  • To discuss recent models of injury prevention and return to play after injury, based on scientific evidence and expert consensus papers
  • To discuss sportspecific adaptations in the elite athletes, (throwers, swimmers, gymnasts, field hockey players, tennis players, etc) and translating this knowledge into injury prevention and return to play decisions
  • To increase the knowledge of the role of physical capacity and kinetic chain variables in the performance of elite athletes
  • To learn to implement high performance exercises in the training program of elite adolescent athletes
  • To provide specific progressive exercise programs for specific athlete groups (gymnastics, preparing athletes for impact)
  • To discuss the specific characteristics of the elite adolescent athlete’s shoulder, including preventive exercises
  • To practically perform a progression of increasing loaded general whole body exercises.

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14 (2 dagen)                                                             18 (contacturen + 4 uur voorbereiding)

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Maximaal 25

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De kosten voor deze cursus zijn 550,- euro (geen btw) incl. kofie, thee, lunch en frisdranken, de handouts en een jaar lang toegang tot de digitale leeromgeving van de cursus.

We zijn erg trots op deze nieuwe cursus bij Fysiolinks en nieuwsgierig naar de feedback die hier binnenkort te lezen zal zijn!

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