MSc Karl Jacobs

About Karl Jacobs

Karl is a lead dissector an accredited anatomist, presently working at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He collaborates with the Department of Medical Biology, Section Clinical Anatomy & Embryology of the University of Amsterdam.


Anatomy Inside Institute

He is also founder of the Anatomy Inside Institute www.anatomyinside.com



He graduated as a Physical therapist at the University of applied science for physiotherapy, “Thim van der Laan”, Utrecht the Netherlands in 2003. As a physical therapist he has always been interested in the diagnostic assessment and orthopaedic rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders.


His work as lecturer

Since 2006, he has worked as a lecturer at the Amsterdam University of applied science and is responsible for the delivery of the dissection and anatomy program. He also lectures on anatomy in the musculoskeletal ultrasound courses at the Amsterdam Medical Centre, organised by Enraf-Nonius and SonoSkills.


His area of interest

As an anatomist his area of special interest is the functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, with a particular focus on fascia. He graduated with his MSc Functional and Clinical Anatomy from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) in 2017; his final dissertation was on the embryological, histological, physiological and morphological aspects of the fascial system.


Wat onze cursisten zeggen over zijn cursus

"Twee leuke mooie leerzame dagen. Vandaag al opgedane kennis in praktijk toegepast."


Cursus van Karl bij Fysiolinks

Fascia en haar rol in musculoskeletale dysfunctie

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